Answers to some of our most frequently asked tent-related questions can be found below…

What We Offer

Festival tents – Festival Tents feature high, swooping peaks and tensioned fabric that provides a tight, clean look. Festival tent center poles are suspended on cross cables which allow an absence of poles in the tent center. Festival tents are great for parties, concerts, school events and corporate activities.

Frame Tents – Frame tents are the traditional party tent style. Widths vary from 10’ to 40’ with lengths expanding to fit the event needs and space requirements. There are no center poles in frame-style tents, and the frame is sturdy enough to support light-weight accessories (like lights, fans and décor). Frame tents are Party Time’s most popular tent style.

Structure Tents – Structure tents are engineered, kedered-style tents suitable for weddings, celebrations and all events. The tent top slides through a channel in an extruded aluminum frame, allowing for a tight fit. Structure tents are much stronger than frame or festival style tents and can handle more weight for hanging accessories like lights, audio/video equipment and décor. 

Tidewater Tents– The Tidewater Tent is a typical pole style tent with a twist. The ends of this tent are round, not square. The tops are made of a sail cloth which is translucent. The poles on this tent are powder coated to have a wood style look. This tent is beautiful, but not recommended when it’s very hot out. It will have the same green-house effect as a clear top tent. This tent has center poles and must be staked at all times.

Star-Gazer Tent– Our Star-Gazer tent is a custom-made 20′ X 20′ Festival Tent. The canopy consists of alternating white and clear panels that allow occupants to view the night sky throughout the duration of their event.

Losberger Tent – The Clear Span tent is engineered to withstand higher wind ratings and can be much wider than the typical frame or lighter structure tents. The eaves of the tent are 13 feet tall and the center point is 26 feet tall.  The structure consist of very heavy beams and requires a forklift for installation. The tops on this tent are exactly like the lighter weight structure tent that feeds though a channel on the framework.  Installing this tent requires additional time. A site visit is required if a Losberger Tent is requested.

Clear top tents are structured in the same manner as a traditional frame or structure tent, the only difference being that the covering material is clear. They are best utilized for functions during the spring and fall. Party Time Rentals does not recommend the use of clear top tents during the Texas summer months because the tent will create a warming “greenhouse effect” for the occupants. Clear top tents are very versatile and provide a great source of covering while also complimenting the natural beauty of the environment.

Barrel Covers

  • Plastic covers
  • Spandex covers


  • White Sidewalls
  • Window Sidewalls
  • Clear Sidewalls
  • Sidewall installation – Sidewall pricing includes installation. Event holder may request that sidewalls be rolled up upon installation in the event of good weather. Party Time Rentals charges $0.50 a linear foot to install sidewalls rolled up.


  • White Tent lighting package – $0.15 per square foot
  • Color Tent lighting package – $0.18 per square foot
  • Festoon lighting – $75 for every 50’ strand


  • Small Iron Chandelier
  • Large Iron Chandelier

Paper Lanterns

  • Party Time Rentals requires 2 weeks notice to secure paper lanterns for client’s event date
  • Lanterns may be rented with or without internal LED lighting
  • Available Lantern Sizes: 14″ Round, 16″ Round, 18″ Round, 24″ Round
  • Lantern installation price is $5 per lantern

Climate Control

  • Small tent heater + propane
  • Large tent heater + propane
  • Tent pole fans

Tent Liners

Ceiling Draping

Leg Draping

Pole Wraps


Things to Consider

Speak with a consultant about your venue/space, guest count, budget and event layout and a tent size will be recommended based on your event needs. Call us today at 979.696.5555 for a quote.

When you’re thinking about renting a tent but are unsure of the tent size that best meets your needs or suits your space, a Party Time Certified Event Rental Consultant can perform a site inspection for you. The site visit charge is based on time and distance, with fees starting at $100.00 for College Station locations. When you reserve a tent with Party Time Rentals, the site inspection fee will be applied to the delivery portion of your order. If you forgo the tent or choose another provider, THE SITE VISIT FEE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

Clients installing tents on Texas A&M University’s campus must do a water lines check prior to delivery and tent set up.

Set up and breakdown of the the tent is included in the price of the tent rental. Party Time must deliver and assemble the tent themselves due to liability and safety issues. Customers are not allowed to pick up, set up, breakdown, and return a tent. The cost of delivery is not included in the tent and will be assessed separately based on the delivery and pickup timing and location.

Does the venue permit Party Time Rentals to secure the tent with 3’ stakes?

Are there any sprinklers or underlying conditions that could be affected by the use of stakes?

If Party Time Rentals is not permitted to use stakes, is there water on site to fill tent barrels?

What is the proximity of the water source to the tent location?

Are there any overhead obstructions such as trees or power lines that would prohibit the installation of a tent?

When does Party Time Rentals have access to the venue to begin installation?

At what time does the tent installation need to be complete?

When does Party Time Rentals have access to the venue to begin dismantling the tent?

Does Party Time Rentals need to be out of the venue by any particular time?

Are there any specific load-in instructions?

What is the distance of the load in area to the location of the tent site?

Tent permits are required in the City of College Station for public events. To apply for a tent permit you must contact the City of College Station Planning and Zoning Department. For areas outside College Station, check with the city in which you are planning to tent if there are any tent permitting requirements.

Premiere Event Holders holding their tented event within the City of Austin must obtain a tent permit through the City of Austin Fire Marshall’s Office if the tent is larger than 20’ x 20’. Instructions and additional information may be obtained at Failure to obtain a tent permit SHALL NOT RELIEVE THE CUSTOMER OF FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE TENT RENTAL FEE. No refund shall be made for failure to meet the City’s tent permitting requirements.  If you would like Premiere to handle the permitting process, a $150 convenience fee will be charged on top of the $50 permit fees. These fees will be NON-REFUNDABLE since they need to be paid for well in advance of the delivery date. Since the fire department requests a 3-week lead time for all permit applications, Premiere Events will not handle permit applications within 3 weeks of the tent delivery date. It will be up to the event holder to obtain a tent permit within that time frame.

Tent Rental Policies

All tent rentals are first come, first serve. A 50% deposit on the tent canopy alone (accessories will not be a part of the initial deposit) is required to reserve your tent for your event date. That deposit will be refundable up until 10 working days prior to delivery. At the 10-day mark, you may opt to cancel your order, which will result in a full refund your deposit.

If the event holder decides to keep his/her tent on hold in case of rain, he/she may keep the tent on hold for an additional 8 working days. This will be called a Rain Contingency Hold. If the Rain Contingency Hold is requested, the 50% deposit will become non-refundable. The final call/payment on the tent will then be due 2 working days prior to the delivery. At that point, the event holder may either cancel his/her order and forfeit the deposit, or may pay the remaining balance on the order.

The tent reservation balance shall be due 2 WORKING DAYS prior to the scheduled tent installation date. Should a tent be cancelled after the remaining balance has been paid, no refund will be offered. It is up to the event holder to let Party Time Rentals know their final decision on the tent. If payment is not received by the deadline two working days prior to delivery, the order will be cancelled and the deposit will be forfeited.

Payment can be made over the phone at 979.696.5555.

From the time the tent is delivered to renter, until the time it is retrieved by Party Time Rentals, The renter is responsible for it. If the rented item is lost, stolen or damaged while in renter’s care, regardless of fault, renter is responsible, and shall remit to Party Time, upon demand, the full retail replacement value of the rental item, including labor and shipping costs.

If the renter accepts damage waiver protection (10% of the total rentals),  Party Time Rentals agrees to relieve renter of liability for accidental damage to the rented item(s), and for loss due to fire, windstorm, upset and riot. Party Time Rentals excludes from the waiver any loss or damage due to theft, burglary, collusion, misuse or abuse, theft by conversion, intentional damage, mysterious disappearance or any loss due to failure to care for the rented item (s) as a prudent person would his / her/ their own property. If any such loss tends to indicate a crime may have been committed, a further condition of this waiver is that renter must file a report to the proper law enforcement authorities and furnish Party Time Rentals a copy of same. In addition, if renter has insurance for the loss or damage, renter must exercise, and shall empower Party Time Rentals to exercise all renters rights to obtain recovery under insurance, shall cooperate with Party Time Rentals to obtain recovery and all insurance proceeds shall be given or assigned to Party Time Rentals.

Tents can provide protection from moderate weather, but are not designed for use as a shelter in severe weather because such conditions could exceed their ability to protect occupants. Please read over this Tent Evacuation Plan prior to your event to ensure that all occupants are kept safe during inclement weather.

Party Time provides delivery services within a 150 mile radius of Bryan/College Station. Delivery fees vary by distance and are time-sensitive. Normal work-day, work-hour deliveries are scheduled for an AM (9am-12pm) or PM (1pm-5pm) time slot. More specific delivery windows (2-hour or  1-hour) are available at an additional charge. Many public facilities (event venues, hotels, etc.) require that rental items be removed from the property at the conclusion of the event. Party Time Rentals provides late-night rental pickup at after-hour rates.

For two separate event holders to share the cost of a tent, both events must be back-to-back and both event holders must agree on the tent, tent placement, and all of its accessories. This means you must all agree on the size, the color of the top (white or clear), the lighting (basic par can lighting or festoon lighting) and the walls (white, windowed or clear).

If both event holders agree then they each pay a portion of the 50% deposit on the tent canopies (25% each). This deposit is non-refundable (no exceptions). Final call/payment is due at Noon 2 days prior to delivery (two days before the first event). At that point, both event holders will come together and decide whether or not they both want to move forward with the tent share. If they do then they each pay half of the remaining balance which will include all of the accessories and the delivery fee.

If neither of them want the tent then the order will be canceled and Party Time keeps both of the initial deposits. However, if one event holder decides to cancel the tent, then the full remaining balance is put on the person still wanting to use the tent. The person who opts out only loses their deposit. If you are interested in sharing your tent with another event holder, please print and read our Tent Share Agreement that outlines our tent cost-share policies.

If a tent rental has been secured with a 50% deposit, the event holder is eligible for one professional Tent CAD (Computer Assisted Diagram) and up to 2 revisions free of charge. Additional CAD revisions can be purchased for $25.00.

If a tent rental has not been secured with a 50% deposit, the event holder can purchase one professional Tent CAD for $50 (no revisions). If at a later time the event holder secures his or her tent through Party Time Rentals, the CAD fee of $50 will be applied to their tent order and the event holder then becomes eligible for 2 free revisions max. Additional CAD revisions can be purchased for $25.00.

Revisions on tents and tent accessories may be made up to 5 working days prior to the tent installation date depending on availability. Additions to tent and tent accessories may be made up until 2 days prior to tent installation depending on availability.

Tent (and Tent Accessory) Rentals, are calculated on a weekly basis (to allow flex-time for set up and strike if the venue is available).

Need your tent longer than one week? We’re happy to accommodate long term and extended tent rentals! Each additional week of extended rental is 50% off the original weekly rate.

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