Tent Decor & Customization

Tents provide endless opportunities for customization and decor! The tent top’s the limit! We offer basic tent decor and draping packages as well as fully custom designs and welcome your inspiration! Please contact us if you have questions or would like to get a tent decor quote started for your event!

Basic Tent Decor Package

Our Basic Tent Decor Package is a great starting point if you’re looking to dress up your tent and hide a few of the more noticeable metal components. This package includes leg drapes and tent strap sleeves to cover the straps connecting to the stakes or barrels. But you might consider also adding on our Tent Ceiling Liners or Wave Draping Packages as explained below!

Available at $1.00 per square foot of tented space for basic white or ivory, or $1.50 per square foot for custom colors! (prices not inclusive of sales tax, damage waiver, etc.)

Tent Ceiling Liners

Our Tent Ceiling Liners help level up the overall design of your tent, attaching to the inner ceiling and hiding all of the metal framework in the top of the tent! These can be rented on their own or in combination with the Basic Tent Decor Package above to include the ceiling liner, leg drapes, and tent strap sleeves! White and Ivory are the most common choices, but special colors are available too!

Check out more of our tent liners here and contact us for pricing based on the size of your tent!

The Wave Draping Package

Our Wave Draping Package is also available for tent tops if you don’t like the look of a tent liner but still want to dress up the top! Our Wave draping panels will not be less than 3′ wide or more than 10′ apart, but cannot be installed in our festival style tents. Please note the draping material is not fire-retardant. The Wave Draping Package pairs well with our Basic Tent Decor Package as well but can be rented on it’s own.

Available at $1.25 per square foot of tented space for basic white or ivory drapes, or $1.75 per square foot for custom color draping panels. (Prices not inclusive of sales tax, damage waiver, etc.)

Colorful Wave Draping
Lisa Hause Photography

Complete Customization

The world is your oyster when it comes to tent decor and just when we think we’ve seen everything, someone comes to us with a new idea! We can provide vinyl decals on the outside of tents, provide topless tents for a defined structure with or without draping, custom draping designs, and custom decor hangings besides draping (ex: grapevine balls, ornaments, parasols, fringe, beach balls, paper lanterns, disco balls, floral/greenery, etc.) We’d love to discuss your event needs and see what we can come up with together to push the creative envelope!

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