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Staging & Flooring Rentals

The band – the bridal couple – the emcee  . . . there’s always a “star of the show” or an aspect of the event that everyone needs to see. In many event settings, staging will be required to elevate the main attraction and help ensure unrestricted visibility for the event guests. Party Time’s staging options include plain and unadorned for casual, outdoor events. Mid-range staging options suitable for indoor applications use the same basic stage components as a base, but add turf or event carpet to enhance the event aesthetic. When the stage is an important part of the event design, Party Time has white Lucite or “wood tone” options that help make the stage truly “star worthy”. And for a finished, polished look, choose stage skirting (in a variety of styles) or add the ultimate stage adornment, an attractive stage facade.

Dance Floors and or sub-flooring are another event product that many event holders want – and others need, to make the event “work”. Party Time Rentals offers a wide variety of dance floors to suit different event styles and satisfy most any dancing requirement. When any part of the event is outdoors and on uneven ground, Party Time Rentals can help by providing a “sub-floor” and creating a more “solid” foundation.

Your “off the shelf” Party Time flooring and staging solutions and our capacity to help develop a flooring or staging plan just for you gives you almost “unlimited” staging and flooring options. We can creatively replicate virtually any look you have in mind. Ask your Event Consultant or visit our on-line Gallery for staging, dance floor and sub-flooring alternatives. A Party Time Team member is happy to answer any questions or provide any information you may need.

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Stages & Stage Facades

Whiskey Traditions Stage Facade, Ten Draping - Inked Fingers

Dance Floors & Sub Floor

American Plank Dance Floor, Staging, Stage Skirting, Stage Stairs, Stage Rails

Custom Stages & Flooring

Clear Top Bandshell tent, White and Clear Sidewalls, Stage with Skirting and Astroturf