Linen Rentals

Professionally laundered linens add a sense of elegance and a feeling of comfort to your event. No matter the color or pattern you choose, the right linens can transform the entire look of your event. From polyester to matte satin, patterned linens to organza, we have a wide range of different colors, sizes, and styles from basic to breathtaking.

One of the most common ways to showcase your event colors are to use them in linen accents, such as colored napkins, table runners, or chair ties. Using linens as an element of decor helps complete your look and express your style. Keep it simple, elegant and classic or add an element of fun with mix-and- match colors and designs.

For more ideas and suggestions for using color, patterns  and texture,  please visit our Pinterest page here.  Ask your Event Consultant for ideas or to answer and questions you may have about sizes/style available for your event date.

Need help figuring out your linen size? Check out our Linen Sizing Chart

Still not finding what you’re looking for? We are happy to explore other options for you! Let us know if you see anything here that catches your eye!




Zion and Bengaline Indes Copper with Heirloom Smoke Plates

Prints & Themes

Red Bandana


White Spandex Banquet

Table Runners

Shattered Orange Table Runner


Wood Charger, Hemstitch Napkin

Chair Ties


Pillow Covers