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We located in College Station, Texas (about an hour and a half North West of Houston) and service the surrounding local areas. We do not ship our rentals out of state.

The best answer to this important question is “the sooner the better”. Remember, you can never be too early, you can only be too late. It is best to place your order early in the event planning process. This provides you a firm, fixed cost on individual items (and keeps your pricing in place even if rent rates increase), helps you stay within your budget (since you’ll know your rental costs) and increases the likelihood that the items you need and want will be available for your special day. Party Time’s Rentals Customers are encouraged to place their rental reservation at least 60 days prior to the event (or delivery) date. During peak season (April through June and October through December), 90 days advance notice is a good rule of thumb (and will help ensure that we are able to meet your needs and satisfy your requests).

Should you require a rental quote, a skilled Event Consultant will be happy to help you. Rental Quotes may be provided in person, via email or by phone. The Wish List feature on our website allows you to browse through our rentals add items as you go. Once you are ready for a quote, simply submit your wish list along with your event details and a Rental Consultant will email you a quote within 1-2 business days. If you’re planning a tented event, an Event Consultant will gladly share our tenting options and explain our tenting policies.

In order to reserve the items that are on your quote, we require a signed copy of that quote and our Rental Agreements, as well as a 50% deposit on the Grand Total. You may send us this signed paperwork by fax, mail, email or by visiting a Premiere Showroom.

Rental reservations may be placed by phone, fax, email or in person, during normal hours of operation, Monday through Friday,  9:00 AM to 5:30 PM and on Saturday, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

We accept all forms of payment including cash, check, and major credit cards including: Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Payment may be made in person, over the phone, or by fax.  A fully executed Credit Card Payment Authorization Form must accompany any and all credit card payments. Personal, Company and/or corporate checks are accepted for payment of the rental agreement balance, so long as the check is received by Party Time Rentals, at 1816 Ponderosa Drive, College Station, Texas 77845 no less than 30 days prior to the event.

Aside from Tent Rentals, Special Order Items, and Rentals booked during the Linen Special, Chair Special, or any other promotion, your 50% rental reservation deposit is fully refundable up until 91 days prior to your customer pick up date or delivery date.

90 Days prior 25% of your 50% deposit becomes non-refundable
60 Days prior 50% of your 50% deposit becomes non-refundable
30 Days prior 75% of your 50% deposit becomes non-refundable

Additionally, the rental balance is due and payable 30 days prior to the scheduled pick up/ delivery date.

Finally, unless you have established a credit account with Party Time Rentals, we operate on a PAYMENT IN FULL IN ADVANCE basis. Please do not ask our Event Consultants to violate this critical company policy.

With the exception of tents, rental order changes are accepted  UP TO ONE MONTH (the Change Period) PRIOR TO THE EVENT DATE OR Scheduled DELIVERY DATE (WHICHEVER IS EARLIER). Items may not be deleted from the order and item quantities may not be reduced after this time. Changes that increase rental item quantities or add items to your rental order will be accepted, subject to availability, up to 48 hours prior to your event (or delivery) date.

Tent orders cannot be canceled without 10 WORKING DAYS NOTICE. Because many tents are reserved as a rain contingency, we advise that customers be very certain before removing a tent from the event plan. For more information on tenting and weather considerations, please consult with a Party Time’s Rentals Event Professional.

Party Time Rentals provides delivery services. Delivery fees vary by distance and are time-sensitive. Normal work-day, work-hour deliveries are scheduled for an AM (9 to noon) or PM (1 to 5) time slot. More specific delivery windows  (2-hour or  1-hour) are available at an additional charge. Many public facilities (event venues, hotels, etc.) require that rental items be removed from the property at the conclusion of the event. Party Time Rentals provides late-night rental pickup at after-hour rates.

For delivered orders, Party Time Rentals sets up and takes down all “heavy” equipment (tenting, staging, dance floors, etc.). Chair and table set up is available for an additional fee.

For local deliveries in BCS, your rental sub-total must be greater than $250 to be eligible for delivery. If outside of our local area, different delivery minimums may apply.


You must ensure that all items on the order are accounted for. Your signature on the rental agreement is your acceptance of Party Time Rentals’ terms and conditions, including responsibility for returning the rented items on time and in their “as rented” condition.

Some items such as tents, stages, flooring, and furniture may not be eligible for pick up.

Items marked with “Premiere” in front of the name require an additional 10% transfer fee.

This will be added to your formal quote by your event consultant.

Please review this document for your linen rental and return instructions and ask your Event Rental Consultant if you have any further questions.

Delivery and Service Fee

Standard AM/PM Roundtrip Charge must have a minimum 4-hour window and does not include after hours, holiday, or Sunday fees. Order totals must meet Party Time Rentals’ minimums, which vary by area, to qualify for Delivery. Your Event Consultant is happy to help you with Delivery and other Arrangements.Time Specific deliveries = Regular Delivery Fee X 2

Early morning/late night deliveries                         $300.00 (minimum)*

Holiday/Sunday deliveries                                        $300.00 (minimum)*

*These fees are additional and will be added to the standard AM/PM delivery fee.

Quoted prices are door-to-door delivery and retrieval only.
Delivery conditions and restrictions may result in additional charges.
Wait time in excess of 15 minutes will result in additional charges.

  • Standard Table: $2.00
  • Table Linen: $2.00
  • Folding Chairs: $1.00
  • Chair cover: $1.50
  • Chavari Chair Pad Installation: $1.25
  • Spandex Chair Cover: $2.00
  • Chair Tie: $1.00-$3.00

*Set Up charges are for labor only.
Additional charges will apply if Party Time Rentals Staff are asked to relocate items that are installed per on-site representative instructions or CAD diagram.
Additional Travel Charges are applicable to all Linen, Chair Tie and Decor installation.
Your Party Time Rentals Event Rental Consultant is happy to discuss Set Up Charges and Arrangements.

Until further notice, Party Time Rentals has implemented at 3% fuel surcharge on all delivery/pick up orders. We anticipate the removal of this charge once diesel prices return to normal. Thank you for your understanding.

Giving & Donation Policy

To inquire about Party Time Rentals Giving Policy please complete our request form here!

To inquire about Party Time Rentals’ Open House rental support, please complete our Open House Support Request Form online!

To inquire about Party Time Rentals’ Style Shoot rental support, please complete our Styled Shoot Support Request Form online!

Dance Floor Space Requirements

Rule of Thumb = Allow 4 to 5 Square Feet Per guest

Cocktail Party Space Requirements

Rule of Thumb = Standing: 5 – 6 Sq. Ft. Per Guest
Partial Seating: 8 Sq. Ft. Per Guest

Dinner Party Space Requirements

Seated at Banquet Tables – 8 Sq. Ft. Per Guest
60” Rounds of 10 – 10 Sq. Ft. Per Guest
48” or 72” Rounds – 12 Sq. Ft. Per Guest

Ceremony Seat space Requirements

Rule of Thumb = Allow 6 Square Feet Per Guest

Seating Capacity

Generally speaking, buffet service requires less space than plated events.

  • 36” Round Seats 2 to 6
  • 36” Square Seats 2 to 4
  • 48” Round Seats 4 to 6
  • 48” Square Seats 4
  • 60” Round Seats 8 to 10
  • 60” Square Seats 8
  • 72” Round Seats 10 to 12
  • 6’ Banquet Table (30” Wide) Seats 6 to 8
  • 8’ Banquet Table (30” Wide) Seats 8 to 10
  • 8’ California Banquet (42” Wide) Seats 8 to 10

Linen Sizing Information

Table Size                       Lap Length                Floor Length
36” Dining                                                                   96”
36” Cocktail                                                               120”
(Note: to “Strangle” Tie a Cocktail Table use a 132” Round)
48” Round                                                                   108”
60” Round                                                                   120″
90” Round                                                                   120”
6’ Banquet                         60” x 120”                90” x 132”
8’ Banquet                         72” x 120”                90” x 156”
California Banquet                                            102” x 156”

Overlays can be Round or Square (72”). Party Time Rentals offers both options in many overlay fabrics.
Table runners are 12” to 15” wide and 90” long.
Chair ties are 4” to 7” wide and 100” to 105” long (and are sometimes used as runners as well).
Luncheon napkins are 17” x 17”.  Dinner napkins are 20” x 20”.

Drink Calculator

There are 128 Ounces in a Gallon.
One Gallon of Punch will make [25] 5-ounce servings.
One Gallon of Coffee will pour [16] 8-ounce cups.
One Gallon of Iced-Tea will provide [12] 10-ounce glasses (consider the ice will take some space, and use an 11 or 12 ounce glass).

One 750 ML (standard size bottle) of wine equals [4] 6-ounce servings.
One liter of liquor equals [34] ounces.
At 2 ounces per serving, one liter will make 17 mixed drinks.

Allow (2) servings (beer, wine or mixed drink) per person for the 1st hour of your event, and (1) serving per person for every additional event hour. To determine the number of liquor bottles you’ll need for your party or event, calculate the total number of drinks you’ll need (for a 100 guest, 4 hour event, for example, the calculation would be . . . 200 drinks for 1st hour, 100 drinks for hours 2 through 4 = 500 total drinks for the party. Divide 500 drinks by 17 drinks per bottle = 30 bottles of alcohol.

For most Texas events figure 25% of your guests will not consume any alcohol. Of those guest who do drink, 50% will want beer, 25% will request wine and 25% will prefer mixed drinks ( but you’ll know your group better than anyone, and adjust these estimates accordingly!) For Margarita and other Frozen Beverage Recipes, follow this link below.

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