Custom Stages & Flooring

Just picture it: Your guests walk into your event and are wowed by the decor, the flowers, the music, the aroma of delicious appetizers wafting through the air. You wouldn’t want to ruin the perfect atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to plan and create by having your guests walk in onto unattractive hotel ballroom carpet, a dirt floor under an outdoor tent, or basic scuffed grey staging, would you?

Stages, Dance Floors, and Specialty Flooring upgrade the entire event, and provide endless opportunities for customization! We’ve helped our clients with custom shaped and colored carpets, runners, vinyl decals on dance floors with logos or monograms, and even things as simple as adding colored carpet on top of a basic stage platform for the band, or covering one of our more simple dance floors with custom high end vinyl for a different look!

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to get a custom floor or stage quote started for your event!

Custom Flooring: Carpets, Astroturf and Vinyl

Whether you’re looking to have something completely custom designed or are just looking for something to add a little color or style to your space, we can help!

Basic carpet, Astroturf, and Vinyl are available starting at $2.15, $1.65, and $3.60 per square foot respectively, but we are happy to provide complimentary quotes for whatever color, design, or style or carpet, turf, vinyl, etc., you may be interested in! (Prices increase based on details of request and are not inclusive of sales tax, damage waiver, etc.)

Custom Staging

Stages are a great way to draw attention to the main event, whether that’s a wedding ceremony, a musical performance, a graduation, a speech, or something else entirely! We can help create a custom shape or size of staging to fit your needs and deck it out with skirting, stage facades, turf, carpet, vinyl, or another kind of flooring. We’re not afraid of a big sloped hill either!

Contact us today to discuss the details of your custom stage needs!

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